We love to develop innovative products for the health and well-being of the people and the environment.

A culture of innovation is fundamentally important for us.  As innovation is at the center our company’s way of doing things, we find ways to innovate not just in products, but also in functions, logistics, business models, and processes. And so run for the goal of making the planet a better place.​

Our first product: Mondarella

"Eating a Mondarella a day is healthy and even reduces weight"

"We make the best Mondarella of the world."

We are the first company worldwide to create a plant-based Mondarella.​

We have discovered a way to make Mozzarella out of Almonds. To form the name we have combined the words Almond and Mozzarella, and called our innovation Mondarella.

Our goal was to create a plant-based product that has the same look as Mozzarella, the same consistence and the same, or even better taste. We can proudly announce that we made it.

Another goal for us was to create a whole new dimension of healthy and nutritious eating.


Enjoy eating Caprese or world's loved Mozzarella Sandwich just with a Mondarella made out of Healthy Almonds.​

We source non-GMO almonds and all of our products are dairy & soy-free.

Almond products are a heart-healthy alternative to dairy with its unsaturated fats and essential minerals like potassium. They are unique, protective phytosterol antioxidants and of course plant protein.

We are proud to reveal that: "a Mondarella a day keeps the problem zones away." 
Studies have found that Almonds consumed on a daily basis reduce the overall calorie intake.


We use 20% Almonds in our Mondarella and are by far the only company on the market with such a high percentage of Almonds in the Products. That is why eating a Mondarella a day is healthy and even reduces weight.

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